This mom thinks her breasts are too big. But when she takes off her bikini, she demonstrates an unbelievable trick.

For women with big breasts, wearing a string bikini can prove somewhat more uncomfortable than for most other women. The extra weight asserts pressure on the neck where the straps are attached, making the whole thing quite painful when it should actually be quite an enjoyable experience.

This is why Allison Kimmey, a writer and mother of two daughters, has posted the following trick on Instagram, demonstrating how big-breasted women should wear their string bikinis to help relieve pain in their necks and backs:

???String Bikini Hack??? Wish you could pin posts to the top of the page! But since you can’t, here’s the tutorial for everyone that has come to my page trying to find it! Click the little ribbon on the bottom right if you want to save the post for later! Enjoy and drop me a ? in the comments if you’re going to try it! Just do you babes! Xoxo Allie

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This criss-cross back technique is just brilliant. Simply tie one neck string to the middle of the opposite back string. Repeat with the opposite neck and back string and then put the bikini top over your head and tie it like you normally would in the back. It couldn’t get any easier!

No more neck pain with string bikinis — women will be grateful for this tip all over the world. Thanks for sharing Allie!

Source: Hefty Yahoo

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