Spinal cord injuries can have devastating and often irreversible effects, but a study published in the Journal of Neurosurgery suggests that the antiinflammatory compound curcumin is an effective treatment for recovery.

They concluded:

“Epidural administration of curcumin resulted in improved recovery from SCI. This occurred with no adverse effects noted in experimental animals. Therefore, curcumin treatment may translate into a novel therapy for humans with SCI.”

Curcumin and Spinal Cord Injury

Another study titled “The Potential of Curcumin in Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury,” reviewed all of the available data on curcumin’s effects on spinal cord injury. The study points out curcumin’s potential to supersede that of corticosteriods when it comes to reducing harmful inflammation in spinal cord injury patients.

According to the study, “Because all studies that compare the two show superior results for curcumin over corticosteriouds, it could be true that curcumin better acts at the inflammatory source of SCI-mediated neurological injury, although this question remains unanswered in patients.”

Clinical research on spinal cord injury patients has not included curcumin thus far, perhaps because curcumin is not patentable.

In the closing portion of the study, researchers pose an important question: Can clinicians shed the “herbal medicine” stigma and be able to acknowledge that ignoring its beneficial effects is largely due to a lack of clinical data and not necessarily a result of inferior clinical efficacy?

This is a vitally important point: the absence of clinical proof via randomized, double-blind, multi-center, placebo-controlled human clinical trials does not mean that a substance is not clinically efficacious.

The problem with “evidence-based” medicine and its proponents is that they assume an epistemological stance in the tradition of Napoleonic law: What is not explicitly allowed is forbidden; what is not explicitly confirmed as true, is assumed false.

This is a type of medical monotheism/scientism that effectively closes the door on a practically infinite number of natural therapies that will never have the support of market forces that thrive on propriety formulas, and merely palliative approaches, which through evading resolving root causes produces an infinite growth model of incurability and expanding iatrogenic symptom generation.


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