This woman decides to get ready for her wedding. Seven hours later, her fiancé doesn’t recognize her!

Hairdressing or styling may seem like simple, straightforward professions but they are actually often incredibly challenging. Sara Pestella, a colorist who works in a salon in Florida, never imagined the challenge ahead when Holly, a plantation gate guard in Destin, walked through her door. The woman had completely let herself go, with straggly hair that reached down to her hips. Holly, however, was determined to change her look in time for her wedding.

Holly hadn’t cut her hair in years. It was dry, heavily damaged and partly bleached — leaving it two-toned brown and then blonde from the shoulders down. The reason Holly looked the way she did was largely because of something her father had once told her: “Women have to have long hair in order to be pretty,” he had said. These words must have really stuck with her because she always felt like she needed to keep her hair long. But that was about to change…

Holly was getting married and desperately wanted a new look for her big day. It took a team of specialists at the avant-garde salon to attempt the impossible. First, the stylist chopped off more than two feet of Holly’s hair, then the colorist spent a further seven hours working in four stages and using multiple shades of color to achieve the final result.

The colorist literally worked all night on the transformation and boy was it a transformation! Simply amazing — just take a look at these pictures of Holly with her beautiful golden tresses now:

“Holly feels beautiful in her own skin”, said Sara, proud to be part of such a major makeover project that left her customer speechless. What’s more, Holly gets to maintain her look for another year, completely free of charge!

While the new hairstyle only changed Holly’s external appearance, it made her feel good about herself on the inside. Sometimes all it takes is a little pampering here and there to make someone feel beautiful inside and out. We wish Holly all the best and hope she has a wonderful wedding!

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