This Wonderful Plant Dis-Inflames The Prostate, Reduces Diabetes and Relieves Arthritis

One of the problems that we can have is that many times our bad habits can bring many consequences to our health, for example a poor diet can cause our blood to have high amounts of fat, so it can increase high body pressure.

We can also have problems with our pancreas, if it does not produce enough insulin or does not produce any insulin, sugar levels can be uncontrolled and unfortunately we will start to have diabetes.

However nature has filled us with many products that bring benefits to our health and are right at our fingertips so it will always be a good option to take into account.

Normally we can see the bay leaves in the kitchen, all this in order to highlight the flavor of different dishes of food that we can prepare.

However it also has excellent properties that can help us to improve our health and to fight many diseases and pains.

To combat certain problems you can use the laurel oil that you can prepare yourself.


  • 30 g bay leaves
  • 250 ml almond oil.
  • Amber glass container (must be this color, otherwise the remedy may be degraded)


  1. Place the leaves inside the container.
  2. Cover with almond oil.
  3. Cover and let stand for 30 days.
  4. Shake from time to time.

You can apply it on your skin or take a spoonful of this oil every day. Laurel brings many benefits for you, several of these are:


Nettle is excellent in case you suffer from hair loss and constant dandruff, as well as to strengthen your scalp.

2.Controls diabetes

With a simple infusion that you prepare at home with nettle and taking it 3 times a day you will be stabilizing your glucose levels in the blood.

3.Urinary and kidney disorders

If you want to prevent kidney stones, the nettle is excellent in this case, as well as to eliminatewaste through the urine thanks to its dieuréticas properties.

4.Circulatory problems

Chlorophyll, which is one of the components of nettle, helps people with circulation problems.

5.Decreases prostate growth

You can consume only two capsules or 120 milligrams of nettle root and you will reduce the enlargement of your prostate.

6.Relieves muscle contractures.

7.Treats ear infections.

8.Heals snoring and sleep apneas.-

9.Avoid liquid retention.

10.It helps with bloating and flatulence.

11.It helps with muscle weakness.

12.Treats skin infections.

13.Heals problems with the sciatic nerve.

14.It improves depression.

15.Relieves arthritis.

16.It can treat headaches and migraines.

17.It helps with premenstrual symptoms.

18.Relieves muscle cramps.

19.It helps with fatigue or mental gaps.

20.And it improves the energy in the body.


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