Throw Away Your Glasses and Try This Simple Method For Improved Vision!

Like in the case of all our body muscles we all know that when you don’t use them for a longer period of time they become weaker. Like after a serious injury.

Like our body the muscles around our eyes also need exercise and doing this on a daily basis can really improve your vision and make your eyes less prone to more damage.


To do this you need to follow a set of rules:

1. Rest and relax your eyes for about 5 minutes every 2 hours.

2. Exercise a.k.a. gymnastics for the eyes that involve 16 workouts that require you to follow the lines with your eyes. The exercises are the following:


3. Omit your eyewear.

4. Massage the area around your eyes.

5. Consume more carrots since they are vital and very beneficial to eye health. Add to the mix a couple of drops of olive oil.

6. Wash your eyes and face with lukewarm water.

7. Forget about television or computers 2 hours prior to sleep.

8. Include the Indian exercise called “Trataka”:

This exercise is a form of meditation that includes focusing your eyes on a specific point or object. It helps develop better focus and it fortifies the eyesight.

The first part is focusing your eyes on a specific object or symbol of your own choosing, and keep your mind concentrated. The second part is to stare at it constantly and focus on relaxing your mind so that it doesn’t steal attention from the task at hand.


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