Trident Sign On Your Palm Predict How Successful You’d Be In Your Career

Take a closer look at your palm and you will find some forms and markings that signify something important. Although they are not exactly correct, these markings are prominent in most of the palms of people. According to the Vedic readings, the lines on the palm give answers about a person’s personality and these also help reveal a person’s real and best feature.

So, if you find a trident or a trishul on your palm, it means that it could signify something good. The trident marking is not found in everybody’s palm and those who have this marking in certain positions of their palm are said to be the lucky few, as these hold their own significance.

The tridents can be in either an upward or downward direction. It is believed that the upward facing trident gives a unique perspective and energy; while the lower facing trident is less effective.

So, continue reading to know the importance of trishul on your palm and its real meaning behind it.

Trident On The Mount Of Venus

If the trident is found on the mount of Venus, it indicates that the person is lucky in finding true love in his/her life. At the same time, the individual understands others feelings and appreciates the positivity around.

Trident On The Lower/Upper Mount Of Mars

When the trident is found on the lower mount of Mars, it indicates that the person will achieve a lot of wealth after a lot of delay and struggle. At the same time, if the trident is found on the upper mount of Mars, it means that the person will be a successful athlete/police officer or a sports person.

Trident At The End Of The Head Line

If the trident goes to the mount of moon, while the other goes through the mount of Mercury (like in the picture), it indicates that the person’s career will be very successful. It indicates that the person has great communication and business skills as well.

Trident On The Mount Of The Moon

This trident present on the mount of the Moon makes the person very strong in imagination and creative thinking. These individuals are also believed to be romantic in nature.

Trident At The End Of The Heart Line

Trident present at the end of the heart line is considered to be a very fortunate sign, especially if it ends under the mount of Jupiter as shown in the picture. These individuals are emotionally, mentally and physically very strong and stable when compared to the rest. This sign is found in the hands of wealthy people.

Fate Line That Ends In A Trident

If the fate line ends in a well-formed trident, it is a clear indication that the person will become highly successful and wealthy. If the trident ends at the mount of Saturn, it significantly indicates that the person will acquire wealth through property dealings and other businesses.

Trident On The Mount Of Mercury

If the trident is present on the mount of Mercury, it makes the person wealthy. They would see a rise in the position at work front and increase in responsibility due to one’s business and communication skills. People who have this sign capture attention in a big crowd and their popularity increases, all thanks to their magnetic speeches and charming personality.

Trident On The Mount Of Jupiter

This trident’s presence is an outstanding mark of success and recognition. The individuals are full of ambition and they like to lead and manage people around them. These markings are generally found in leaders.

Trident On The Mount Of Saturn

If the trident appears on the mount of Saturn, it is an excellent mark of wisdom and materialistic wealth. The individuals who have this trident are said to become rich and successful in their career due to their hard work and struggle.

Trident On The Mount Of Sun

This trident present on the mount of Sun is equivalent to the star formation on the palm. Presence of this sign/symbol indicates that the person is famous, rich, successful and wealthy career-wise.

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