What Does Your Body Shape Says About You

We all know that our body shape is partly based on hereditary factors, and partly on lifestyle, including diet and exercise. However, it often seems that our bodies have a preferred shape, and a size/weight at which they’re comfortable.

Our bodies also change as we age, and hormones can play a role, as well. What if your body shape could tell you more, though?

It’s not much of a stretch to assume that your body shape could give you clues to future health concerns, but what if it could be used to learn things about your personality? What if it could give you clues about the type of people you’re likely to be attracted to?

Incredibly, body shapes could tell us all kinds of things about people just by looking at them. Several studies have found correlations between body types and health, personality, and preferences. Take a look and see how well these assessments match your body type.

If your body tends to stay on the slender side, it could say something not only about your health, but also about personality type. Interestingly, this could be affected by your height and whether or not you also tend to have an athletic build.

For example, people who are merely thin are thought to be somewhat introverted, or at least less outgoing than their rounder counterparts. They are, however, organized and disciplined.

Even though the slender types are terribly conscientious, they’re often perceived as being somewhat self-centered and controlling. Perhaps this is because they want those around them to be happy or maybe it’s because they’re simply not as sensitive to other body types, having never dealt with extra pounds before – it probably depends on the person.

If you happen to be on the statuesque side, however, you’re likely to have a lot of energy and stamina, and enjoy physical activity. You’re also more likely to be thoughtful and creative. Unlike those who are merely slender, people view you less as conceited and more as chic and intense.

The caution for those with a tall banana shape is that they might not see their own value. Despite your youthful demeanor and athleticism, you might have some issues with confidence, and accept less when you could get more.

Although the ideal female silhouette is often cited as the curvy hourglass, the rectangular body shape was once considered the norm, and is reflected in art as such for hundreds of years. Perhaps this is because this particular shape is the most common for women while the hourglass is rarer.

Unfortunately, the disparity between reality and ideal can be enough to erode the confidence of rectangles, who cannot seem to force their body into curves no matter how they try. As a result, it’s not uncommon to harbor some feelings of envy and even jealousy where curvier body types are concerned.

Those with rectangle shapes tend to have traditional ideals to go with their classic figure, and the good news is that they tend to find partners who reflect that image all around. The reason this is good news is because the ruler shape is the most common among both sexes, making for a pretty large dating pool.

It’s no stretch to look at a round body shape and assume that someone prefers food to exercise. Naturally, some of this could be hereditary, hormonal, or related to other medical conditions, but diet and exercise also contribute.

Health concerns for this body shape could include weight-related conditions like diabetes and heart disease. As a result, round body types have to pay attention to weight. The shape, in and of itself, infers higher risk factors, but as long as you stay in shape, so to speak, you can lead a happy and healthy life.

What you might not know is that rounder shapes tend to be extroverted and fairly confident, and this can transfer to the bedroom. Because of your outgoing, boisterous personality, you’re going to seek partners that are confident themselves, and this will lead to open and trusting relationships that make for a fantastic sex life.

Although most women would definitely prefer not to fit into the pear category, you’ll be happy to hear that this shape is associated with being fun, funny, outgoing, and adventurous. You’re the person everyone else wants to be around – the life of the party.

Spoon types are friendly and attract a lot of attention, so you should never be short of offers for friendships and romance (even if you’re not interested). People often think you’re flirtatious, even when you’re just being yourself. You’re confident, creative, and you tend to have very little concern for how others judge you.

On a health note, pear shapes can be more prone to certain health concerns, especially related to female anatomy. Endometriosis, cysts, and certain types of cancers (breast, ovarian) are more common to this body type, so a focus on health is essential.

This shape is sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle. With an upper half that tends to be more pronounced than the lower half, you’re not in the majority when it comes to body shape.

The good news if you have this body type is that you’re the person that can eat what you like without immediately packing on the pounds, making you the envy of all your friends. Of course, it’s still best to balance those cheeseburgers with healthier fair like fruits and veggies to avoid health concerns.

Cone shapes are personality chameleons, insomuch as the public face they present is much different from their private interactions. You might not be as outgoing as your pear-shaped friends in public, but you definitely have a wild streak and you’re probably the first one to take a dare.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about people with this coveted body type is that they tend to lack confidence. Often, they overcompensate by posturing publicly, going out of their way to appear confident, but secretly worrying about how they’re perceived.

As a result, hourglass types may have some trouble finding the perfect love match. Exacting standards and a potentially high need for reassurance can put the kibosh on romance.

source: happylifereport

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