What is the Proper Drink for your Necessity

The drinks we consume daily, those that we can prepare in our kitchen, or to supply without separating much of the budget will do more for us than just satisfying thirst.

In addition we are presenting a list of health difficulties and the appropriate drink that will help you to overcome them.

Weight loss: green tea, grapefruit juice

Green tea will help you control your weight because it helps to speed up metabolism when consumed in large quantities. Grapefruit juice also proved conducive to weight loss and eating half a grapefruit with each meal shows even greater results than the juice itself.

Against bad breath: water, green teaGrapefruit Juice

Acids from coffee and juice you consume are conducive to creating a bad smell in your mouth, and you can neutralize them by taking them along with a glass of water. Also, it is proven that green tea helps against bad breath by drinking it regularly.

For jogging: water

Water consumed in large quantities on a daily basis will help to moisturize the body that will be as needed if you are preparing for a long jogging.

Against muscle cramps: fluid of pickles

If you are able to swallow the liquid in which pickles stand, it will help you avoid painful muscles and spasms. Studies suggest that this fluid helps for better communication between the brain and muscles in a state of fatigue.

For unease and discomfort in the stomach: ginger tea

It is known that ginger root helps in the treatment of nausea, so ginger tea will go a long way with these problems.

Colds: tea with lemon

In general, liquids are most helpful when dealing with colds and stuffy nose, and especially hot tea and soup. In this situation, avoid milk and other dairy products, because they contribute to increased production of mucus.

Against constipation: aloe

If you have constipation, try drinking liquid from aloe because it possesses a laxative effect.

Against sleepiness: coffee, water, spirulina

While coffee is the best known and most utilized drink for waking up and one should know that the water will help too. If, however, enrich with spirulina powder, will receive a nutritious drink full of vitamins and minerals that will fill you with energy.

Against insomnia, chamomile teabanana frappe

Chamomile tea, soothing and will help you avoid sleepless nights.

For better digestion: water, tea herbs

Drinking water with a meal and after it, will help the body to more easily digest the food, and herbal tea has the same effect, especially the mint. Add a little cinnamon for better digestive aid.

For hangover: water, orange juice, banana Frappe

Drinking large amounts of water along with alcohol is the key to avoid unbearably post-drunken feeling that follows after a stormy night. But if you’re helped in this way, start the morning with a banana Frappe, which due to its high potassium content will feed your body.

Against gas and bloating: water with baking soda

If your stomach is bloated and you create fumes, do not worry – mix a small amount of baking soda in a glass of water and get a probiotic drink that will solve your uncomfortable symptoms.

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