What Your Zodiac Sign Says About How Much Sleep You Really Need

Each one of us is programmed in a particular way; we have our set of preferences, ideas and principles. Some are mouldable while some stick around for life. This holds true for what we eat, how we react to situations, what we wear and even how we sleep. A lot to do with our preferences and why we like something is decided in the stars, i.e. our zodiac signs decide our preferences. And this extends to our sleep patterns too.

Let us see how our zodiac signs affect our sleep and sleeping patterns.


Aries, the restless sleeper The baby of the zodiac signs, Aries is used to getting their way. They are headstrong creatures and, therefore, often suffer from issues related to the head, i.e. depression, mental health issues or even head injuries. Just like their symbol, the Ram, Aries wish to be ahead of everyone in the race and dive head-long into matters. Because they are so high on energy and if it is not used properly, they suffer from sleep issues.


Taurus needs their beauty sleep Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet representing everything beautiful. Naturally, Taureans sleep well in rooms that are tastefully done or at least are very hygienically sound! Yes, they want their clean sheet and soft pillows to sleep well at night. But this is not all… a Taurean is a fixed sign and, therefore, doesn’t do well with changes.


Gemini’s non-stop chatter Geminis are restless sleepers too. But this is because their sentiments or curiosity always gets the better of them! Known as the communicators among the zodiac signs, Gemini is very curious and loves to know everything about everyone! Because they suffer from information overload all the time, they are either very chatty or cannot calm their minds enough to sleep well.


Cancer, the crabby sleeper! Cancer is the certified home-maker among the 12 zodiac signs. They are house-proud folks and will do anything in their power to ensure their home and the people living in it, are happy! But they are moody too and over-sensitive. Plus, they are ruled by the moon and this star represents sleep itself. So a Cancerian may suffer from either sleeping too much or from bouts of insomnia. If a Cancer needs to sleep well, they need a comforting blanket for cover and won’t sleep at all!

LEO, THE LAZY SLEEPER (July 23 – August 22)

Leo, the lazy sleeper Leo the regal lion loves to sleep! Ruled by the sun, it is natural for the Leo to love sleep but they sleep best when surrounded by their loved ones. Like the king of the jungle, a Leo loves comfort and needs space to rest. They love to cuddle up too. When it is time to sleep, they prefer leaving behind all the hustle-bustle and just concentrate on sleep. Leos do well sleeping on their back.

VIRGO, THE WORRYWART! (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo, the worrywart! Virgos are particular about they go about things. They are disciplined and routine-oriented. And it will not come as a surprise if everything about their home is super organised. But there is a darker side to the Virgo, i.e. their minds are ruled by Mercury. This makes them perennially finicky and worrisome! They will go over and over again about work, household chores and much more, not letting their minds rest for a minute. Maintaining a journal about their day can help calm their minds.

LIBRA, THE BALANCED SLEEPERS! (September 23 – October 22)

Libra, the balanced sleepers! Libras love balance. They want to be surrounded by beauty and peace always. Their personalities are a combination of spirituality, materialism, adventurous and homely. Their home reflects all these sensibilities. However, they need to make sure to keep themselves grounded else they can easily go overboard. Like their symbol, Librans need to make sure they maintain a balance of sleeping time as well.

SCORPIO, THE NIGHT OWL (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio, the night owl Scorpios tread on to a path that no one dares to this is because they are ruled by the dark side of Mars. They are intense, instinctive and intuitive, and are easily prone to becoming night owls. For a Scorpio, anything and everything will depend on their mood. Scorpions get good sleep when they are completely exhausted after a long day at work


A Sagittarius dreams of travelling… The ever optimistic and spontaneous creatures, Sagittarians love to daydream about travel. They are always on the go and think they can survive with little or no rest! However, their bodies and mind will eventually pay the brunt for this choice. But there is no stopping a Sagittarius from travelling so the trick is to plan vacations few and far between!


Capricorn, the practical sleepers! For the practical Capricorn, sleep is another chore they need to complete. Hence, they sleep because it is a requirement and not for leisure. Well, at least most of them happen to think so! Sleep is essential and they enjoy sleeping without any disturbances. But restlessness due to work can cause this workaholic to forgo sleep. This can be a cause of concern in the long run.


Aquarians, the most sleep deprieved! Aquarians are individuals who are forward-thinking and constantly on the go. This means that their minds are always working. Among the 12 zodiac signs, they are the ones who need to sleep the most. Always worried about the future, Aquarians are famous for sleeping for a couple of hours on days on end. They are always thinking about innovation or solving one problem or the other! When trying to sleep, they need to stay away from gadgets too. Yoga is a great way to give rest to such minds!

PISCES, THE DREAMER… (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces, the dreamer… Pisces are whimsical creatures and love to daydream! For a Piscean, dreaming is a medium of healing, of getting away from all the negativity and hustle-bustle of the world. Being the most spiritual among the zodiac signs, they benefit from dream analysis too. Sleep is a must for Pisces as it helps them rejuvenate themselves and reserve their energy.


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