When I saw the pictures of this bedraggled old man, I fell off my chair

Luciano, or “El Loco Chumán” as his neighbors know him, is an endearing old man who wanders through the streets of Ferreñafe, Peru. He’s been homeless for many years — his nails are long, his hair matted, his clothes dirty and torn. To make matters worse, Luciano also suffers from schizophrenia. He walks aimlessly with a vacant stare while the towns inhabitants make fun of him, or worse, ignore him.


At the age of 85, it didn’t seem like there was any hope left for him. His existence didn’t matter to anyone, it didn’t have any meaning. No crime was committed, but he was still sentenced — to be ignored for life.

But miracles happen. Sometimes it’s even in our power to perform them.

After years of not paying attention to him, a group of people from the neighborhood association “San Martín” and the evangelical church “Los Peregrinos” got together and made a decision: this man needed their help. They were going to do something for him.

One weekend soon after, they took El Loco Chumán to one of their homes where they all pitched in, bathing him, cutting his nails, and exchanging his old, dirty clothes for a new, clean outfit.


They also cut his hair and trimmed his beard.

Finally, they even organized to get him his own national ID (which he hadn’t had until now). And of course, he’s been treated to healthcare and food.

Luciano looks completely different now, like a new person. His transformation is amazing!

I think I even see a twinkle in his eye.

Everyone in the world deserves a second chance. It often only takes a little of our time and effort to make others happy. What better way to do something than to do it together, the way this community did!

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