When You See This 4 Signs STOP, or Face the Risk OF CANCER, INFECTIONS AND TUMORS

Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all concerned about how we look. How our hair falls or if our contour skills pass the selfie test, looking good also makes you feel good. There is an idea that you have to suffer for beauty. For most, this isn’t true.

However, there are some risks taken with daily regimens or certain styles that most people aren’t even aware of. Many don’t know that they’re risking their health with a bit of blush or a particular shampoo.

4 Beauty Mistakes You Should Never Make Again

Here are four mistakes you weren’t aware of but should not make again.

1. For the Love of Locks, Your Hair Can’t Take It

Hair is a wonderful accessory that can change your overall look. From different styles to different colors, our hair plays a key role in our beauty regimen. But changing the color of our hair isn’t as easy as those commercials make it seem.

Using various hair dye products can result in an allergic reaction (like a rash or burning sensation), various cancers (including breast, bone marrow, and lymph tissue) and also asthma from breathing in the chemicals.

And it’s not just the hair dye; hairsprays and gels are also made up of toxic ingredients that make similar to insect repellants, flammable gas and furniture finishers.

DIY Hair Dye

Instead of traditional and harsh chemical dyes, you can use teas (like chamomile) to make your hair either blond or red and coffee if you want a darker shade. You can also try a naturally made henna dye. Honey and cinnamon will also lighten your hair if that’s the look you want.

2. Strong Beautiful Nails Mask Internal Weakness

One way to relax and feel pampered is to get a manicure. In the end, you have gorgeous nails that are like body jewelry. But the price for these decorations is higher than you know. Probably just from the smell of nail polish or remover, you can tell it’s not meant to be inhaled.

Breathing in those harsh fumes can lead to neurological or development issues and allergic reactions. But that’s not the only way the chemicals can affect you. The glues used holding acrylic nails in place can lead to a spreadable infection in your nail beds. Also, some nail polishes contain toluene, a chemical known to cause reproductive issues.

Non-Toxic Alternatives

There are many great alternatives to these toxic topcoats including brands like Piggy Paint (excellent and kid-friendly) and Acquarella, which is water-based. If you still want to keep the base coat and top coat set-up, there’s also Scotch Naturals.

3. Your Skin Isn’t Too Sensitive; Your Products are Damaging

Our skin is something that we have to take care of, particularly since part of a beauty routine. One thing most of us can relate to is having dry skin (especially in the winter months) and using lotion regularly. Scented Moisturizing lotions can leave a nice fragrance on you. However, they can also cause rashes and irritation.

Rubbing in certain moisturizers, facial or other skin creams has shown to cause tumor growths. Most of them contain mineral oil, which helps make the products loose but is also a derivative of petroleum aka the gas for your car.

When you put these products on your skin, they get absorbed through the thin layers and aren’t filtered. As a result, they can be extremely harmful.

Safe (and natural) Alternatives

Instead of slathering on the toxic stuff, why not try some natural alternatives that give the same great benefits of moisturized, healthy-looking skin without all the harsh effects?

  • One of the best moisturizers is coconut oil. It has a pleasant scent and will also minimize imperfections like scars or cellulite.
  • You can also try aloe vera gel (great for sun-damaged skin), olive oil (yes, the same one in your kitchen) or rose water.

4. Makeup Gone Wrong

Because makeup goes on our skin, we are still at risk for a host of negative effects. One of the obvious side effects is clogged pores. When you cover your skin with foundation or powder, you’re suffocating it and this causes irritation. Certain mascaras and eyeliners contain a preservative known as thimerosal, which can cause conjunctivitis (pink eye).


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