Which One Of These Bananas Destroys Cancer Cells?

Which banana did you think is best for fighting cancer? Your best guess?

The truth is, the riper the banana is… the better they fight cancer!

In fact, ripe bananas are 8x more powerful than the green ones when it comes to elevating the cancer-fighting white blood cells.

The Tumor Necrosis Factor

Recently, Japanese scientists have proven that ripe bananas are cancer-fighting machines. Here’s the deal, the dark spots on ripe bananas produce a substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF). The more of these the better because they destroy cancer cells.

Also, the more a banana ripens, the higher amount of antioxidants are produced. This is good because it boosts your immune system and increases your white blood cells.

TNF is a cytokine that assists cell-to-cell communication in immune responses and directs cell movement towards inflammation and infection sites. It interferes with the growth and spread of tumor cells and triggers apoptosis (cell death).

Researchers pinpointed that TNF produced by ripe bananas is as effective of an anti-cancer agent as lentinan, an immunostimulant injected intravenously to stimulate white blood cell production. One ripe banana a day may just help keep the oncologist away!

Eat a Banana at Its “Peak”

To cash in on the most health benefits, eat the banana at its peak ripe stage… before it turns fully brown. To prevent a further dip in vitamins and minerals, store in your refrigerator. I freeze mine and use in smoothies later.

The chart below shows you the best way to ripen your bananas…

Another Good Tip for Eating Bananas (watch video below)

source: bare natural health

Source of Chart:

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