Why Are Doctors Finally Confessing To Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer?

Let me first say that this isn’t about talking about some conspiracy theory, some horrible things exist in life whether we believe it or not.

Here’s the painful truth, cancer prevention or any type of preventive health care doesn’t make money. Treating diseases, on the other hand, makes billions. It’s sad but the cancer industry thrives off sickness.

One prominent oncologist, Farid Fata, in Michigan recently confessed that he was wrongfully diagnosing patients with cancer in order to make a profit by giving them chemotherapy drugs.

Misdiagnosis for profit happens with other diseases as well. Everything done in the world these days appears to revolve around greed. The prosecutions and findings show that Fata had been doing this misdiagnosing ever since 2009.

Fata has treated over 1,200 people and received about $62 million from Medicare. Giving chemotherapy to people who did not need it at all. Then again, who really needs chemotherapy, but that’s another discussion altogether.

Chemotherapy does nothing but destroy the body and leave the person trapped inside withering away. Chemotherapy destroys the person’s immune system and causes organ toxicity.

Toxic remedies like this are killing us off quicker than the illness itself. The truth is based on statistics the long term metastatic treatment via these means sees a failure of 97 percent.

If the true long term effects statistics made their way into publication no one would be going through chemotherapy at all. The only studies available on this sort of thing come from industry-funded institutions. Cancer is not a game and misdiagnosis is a very serious issue.

If you are diagnosed it definitely would not hurt to get a second or third opinion and I do not recommend chemotherapy or radiation treatment on any level. Try something more natural instead. It will prove to be more effective than chemotherapy could ever be. For a little info on natural cancer remedies/cures please watch the videos below.

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