World’s oldest living person prepares for 117th birthday by revealing the food she ate Everyday

She was born in 1899 and now is the title holder as The world’s oldest person.  Emma Morano, of Verbena, Italy, is almost 117-years-old, her birthday will be celebrated on November 29th.  She was crowned as the world’s oldest person after the death of the former title holder, Susannah Mushatt Jones.

Would you like to know what the world’s oldest person eats every day of her life?

Speaking to Agence France-Presse, Emma said:  “I eat two eggs a day and that’s it. . .I eat cookies.”

Here is the kicker, she eats those two eggs every day raw, just like Rocky!  Morano said that she has eaten them raw for decades because a doctor told her it would help her anemia.  It’s hard to argue with her success!

She also has declared that her longevity is due to not being “dominated” by anyone.  She has stayed single since her divorce in her late 30’s.  That’s almost 70 years of being single!

Emma’s doctor, Carlo Bava, said that it’s not just her longevity, it’s her resilience that is astounding.  “Despite everything she always recovers.  When she is well, she really is well.”

I don’t know about you, but I think that maybe the real secret is THE COOKIES!


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