You Can Starve Cancer to Death by Removing This One Thing from Your Diet

The increasing rates of cancer cases are worrying, and we need to do anything we can to reduce our risk of this deadly disease. Besides emotions and environment, another factor that contributes to cancer is the food we eat, that is, the improper foods we consume.

There is one thing we can eliminate from our diet to make our body thrive.

Ever since the 20s, health experts, along with the German physiologist, Nobel laureate, medical doctor, and leading biochemist Otto Wartburg, have been discussing how sugar fuels cancer. It is very upsetting that doctors don’t warn their cancer patients of the dangers of processed foods on the fight of their life.

Dr. Wartburg was convinced that although not easy, anyone can starve cancer right out of the body.

According to him, tumor growth and malignant cells are caused by cells which produced energy via ATP (adenosine triphosphate) through a non-oxidative breakdown of glucose- sugar. Anaerobic respiration is caused by the recycling of glycolysis, the metabolite from this process, and the circulation of Alcohol Dehydrogenase Gene adhA back into the body. This is the opposite of what’s happening in the normal cells.

They produce energy for the body through the oxidative breakdown of the end product of glycolysis, pyruvate, resulting in oxidized mitochondria. Therefore, Dr. Wartburg concluded that cancer is, in fact, a mitochondrial dysfunction. Instead of the normal respiration of oxygen process in the body, there’s fermentation of sugar. So, the body shouldn’t develop cancer if the sugar is removed.

But the link between cancer development and sugar is not something new.

Although you can easily avoid the obvious foods full of refined sugar, like candies, cakes, cookies, etc., there are still many other products in U.S. and other countries, which are loaded with refined sugar but hide this in the packaging labels. For instance, “healthy” yogurt, whole grain or whole wheat bread, cereals, and even “low-calorie” products can contain high amounts of sugar.

The best and easiest way to avoid refined sugars is to stop purchasing pre-packaged or ‘convenience’ foods, and stop eating at restaurants, at least temporarily. Many restaurants get their food products from big companies which use a lot of sugar and salt to make the food more pleasant for eating, after being frozen and shipped across the states in trucks.

This includes even the salad dressings. It is recommended to increase your healthy animal-based (no red meat) and plant-based proteins and to consume more foods packed with nutrients to deal with your cravings for sugar.

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