You Can’t Control Your Health Unless You Control This 3 Things: Blood Sugar, Uric Acid And Cholesterol! AND HERE’S WHAT YOU MUST DO

There are three things in the human body that have a major influence for the health; those are blood sugar, uric acid and cholesterol. It is always important to know the level of those by using a blood test tool that can be found in many health stores, both online and offline.

Diabetes is one of the biggest human killers and the disease is caused by blood sugar levels that are too high. Diabetes kills by damaging various organs such as the kidneys, eyes, and heart. Based on several studies, diabetes is one of the causes of heart attacks. In this article I will explain about some foods that can be used to lower blood sugar levels naturally.


Avocado contains fat and is often regarded as an addition to cholesterol but in fact, fat is needed by everyone. Fats can be divided into several types and fat in avocado is monounsaturated fat, which slows the distribution of sugar in the blood so that it can reduce the risk of diabetes.


Olive oil

Olive oil also contains monounsaturated fat, therefore useful for preventing diabetes.


In 2010, the Journal of Nutrition reported a discovery that proves that blueberries contain bioactive compounds that strengthen a person’s sensitivity to insulin.


A study in 2003 found that cinnamon may make the liver and muscles more ready to react to insulin, thereby enlarging the opportunities to prevent obesity which is one of the causes of diabetes.

Chia seed

Consuming chia seed can reduce the concentration of sugar after a meal, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.


The Journal of Medicinal Food found that spices can be very effective for lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol.


According to a study by the Nutrition and Metabolic Insights, 10 grams of mangoes a day can lower blood sugar levels significantly.

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