You don’t know what it is? You’ll have to take a step back to see! Twelve images of the human body that will shock you.

As well as improving our quality of life, advances in science have enabled us to gain a better understanding of our environment and discover more about ourselves. While ever improving technology allows us to catch a glimpse of far off galaxies that are billions of light-years away, we can now also take a closer look at what’s inside our bodies in the most minute detail. Here are some spectacular images taken from under the microscope.

What parts of the body do you first see in these images?

1.  Fingerprint.

2. Human eye.

3. The starting point of a nail.

4. Eyelashes.

5. Tongue.

6. Lungs.

7. An artery containing red blood cells.

8. A ruptured capillary.

9. Small intestine.

10. The place inside the testicle where sperm are produced.

11. The natural detachment of an egg during ovulation.

12. A six to eight-day old embryo.

So how many did you get? It’s certainly trickier than it sounds, and the amount of detail is incredible when you take a closer look under the microscope. Share these fascinating photos with your friends and see how many body parts they can guess correctly!






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