You won’t believe your eyes but this empowering woman delivered 11 healthy Babies without Caesarean section

Becoming a parent is one of the most desired wishes for any couple. Almost while being in relationship, you enjoy your time speaking with your partner, the day when you will have a child. Even if you have never experienced it, every time you talk about this topic, makes you so excited. Some couples also tend to speak so much about parenting issue, where they also decide their baby’s name when their still in their 20’s and want to plan a great future. They also tend to talk about baby’s gender and his/hers education.

At the same time some couples, try to conceive but this doesn’t happen the day they wish to be parents. It is much more heartwarming to hear that your wife is becoming pregnant after so many months / years of trying! But what if this mother delivers more than 2 twins?
It should feel like a dream come true.

This woman gave birth to 11 babies without caesarean section…
A couple below has a very interesting story to tell. While being a 43-year-old women she gave birth to 11 healthy babies! The doctors were shocked because they didn’t experienced a situation like this for so many years. The mother called Fernandez and her husband, were very surprised and at the same time cheerful because they had problems with conceiving. But suddenly, they become parents to twin babies which they haven’t ever dream before. They wanted to become desperately parents and finally their wish became true!

Six out of 11 boys are identical twins and they are in stable condition in the neonatal intensive care unit at Riley Children’s Hospital.

The doctors were very surprised, and most of them say that they are shocked because they had such a successful birth without caesarean section. Dr. William Roberts said: ”They come out literally one after another. The Distance from the first baby to the 11th baby was 37 minutes”.From the hospital the Guinness Book of World Records was contacted and they were given this information. Mariya Fernandez and her family are written in the record book!

Sometimes dreams become true the day you never thought. For Fernandez and her husband, this would feel like a dream for their whole life. Even though she had some difficulties bringing her 11 babies to life, she achieved to deliver them in such a healthy way. What can be more amazing than delivering a baby normally by avoiding C-Section?
It is so nice because she had delivered babies by avoiding any surgeries side effects.

She is a real empowering mother which reached to get contacted from the Guinness Book of World Record as well!

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source: natural medicine box

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